For the almost half a century I have shared some thoughts in written form on a mostly weekly basis through a variety of mediums. While I served as pastor of a local church for twenty-three years the vehicle was the church newsletter. For several years I offered my ideas through a column with the title “Of Cabbage and Kings” in a small town newspaper.

As a part of my job for seven years my words were transmitted through the internet in the form of posts entitled “Monday Morning in North Georgia.” Then I retired and continued writing “Thoughts for Thursday… but good for any day.”


Although I have put my thoughts in print and distributed them for anyone to read, I have never seen myself as a writer. One of my sons is a naturally gifted writer. I am more comfortable expressing myself verbally. Until I retired in 2013 most of my writing was required by my employment. “Of Cabbages and Kings” was my first attempt at self-initiated writing and I did it primarily as a discipline. Limited space defined by column inches or word count required a more careful selection of words and phrases. Also, unlike public speaking, I could not see how my audience received what I said and I learned very quickly that what one says (or writes) is not always what another hears or understands.

Almost seven years ago when I retired I decided that I would continue to write a weekly blog, Thoughts for Thursday. I have tried to discipline myself to faithfully post something online with very few breaks during that time frame. However, if you are one of the folks who subscribe to my blog you may (or may not) have noticed that nothing has popped up from me in your mailbox for the past several Thursdays. Travel and other circumstances have consumed my time and energy so I have not written anything since early last month. I did not intentionally quit writing but time and energy needed to be directed elsewhere.

My writing provides a discipline that I need far more than the benefit any reader might gain from it. But I sign off for today and we will see when or if I resume this weekly effort. In the meantime, I hope you live life fully and thank God for all the gifts that God provides to enhance our journey.

Grace and Peace!

Jamie Jenkins