Archives for the month of: January, 2020

Technical problems is the term we use when something doesn’t work like we want it to and we have no idea why.

I understand that “technical problems” prevented some people from accessing my new blog posts. I have not yet figured out the problem. You can read the most recent blog post at¬† but I cannot figure out how you can subscribe to follow the blog. I’ll keep working on it and will notify you when I find the solution.

In the meantime…

Another reminder that I am no longer posting weekly on the Thoughts for Thursday blog. I have created a new blog  in which I will offer thoughts of my own and of others that will sometimes be inspirational, informative,thought provoking, or humorous. It will not be a regular weekly post. Rather, my contribution will be on a random basis.

I have just posted a new entry- Christ in Crisis. If you want to subscribe to the new blog, go to, and scroll to the bottom of the page. You can then follow it. Submit your email address and you will automatically receive anything that I post.

Grace and peace!

Jamie Jenkins