If you are a subscriber to this blog, you know (or maybe you have not noticed) that I took a break from this weekly post about 6 months ago. I must admit, it has been a bit of a relief not having the pressure of coming up with something to offer every seven days. However, there have been days recently when I had something I wanted to share but was not quite ready to commit to the same level of thought and regularity as had been the norm for a long time.

So I have decided that I will take up the task again but in a slightly different manner. The title of this blog, Thoughts for Thursday, indicated that something would be offered on the fifth day of every week. I have attempted to provide inspiration, education, and challenge without being too “preachy.” I gave a good bit of thought and invested significant energy into my writing whether or not it has been obvious.

As stated in the past, I write because I need to write- not because anyone needs to read the words that I submit. I am more comfortable expressing myself verbally than in written form. Writing is a good discipline for me. It helps me to more carefully choose my words and causes me to be more aware of how easily things can be misunderstood. Words do not have the same meaning for everyone. Context effects what is heard regardless of what is intended.

With all that being said, I am going to begin a new blog. I will no longer post weekly on the Thoughts for Thursday blog. I have created a new blogĀ  in which I will offer thoughts of my own and of others that will sometimes be inspirational, informative,thought provoking, or humorous. It will not be a regular weekly post. Rather, my contribution will be on a random basis.

If you want to subscribe to the new blog, go to http://www.everynowandthenhome.wordpress.com, and scroll to the bottom of the page. You can then follow it. Submit your email address and you will automatically receive anything that I post. My intention is to begin two days from now on Thanksgiving Day.

Grace and peace!

Jamie Jenkins