I know it is not Thursday and you were not expecting to hear from me today but there is something I wanted to share with you. The anthem that the Peachtree Road United Methodist Church choir sang this morning struck a chord with me and I felt it was worth passing on.

The World of Our Dreams

By Jeffrey Ames


There is a day I long to see when we will live in perfect peace;

Where war and strife no longer reign, and kingdom of hatred cease;

Where freedom rings for every soul and love is shown to all.


Can you dream a world for our future? Can you dream within your heart?


It is a world without distress, the God of peace is there;

He wipes away all tearful eyes, He banishes every care;

The joys within this world are full, the songs are ever new.


Can this be the world of our future? If you dream within your heart!

Dream of a world and lift your eyes to glorious visions in the skies.

Oh, trust in faith and by His hand, we shall reach our promised land.


There are times in this world when it seems oppression rules;

The hopes and dreams of burdened hearts become as shattered jewels;

The hollow pain from deep within, can nothing subdue this heartache?


The world I dream will meet the needs of every living soul;

It reaches from the highest star, to the darkest depth below;

Within my world are days of hope, peace, harmony.

May this dream forever live, and become reality.


Dream a world within your heart.


Jamie Jenkins