Tomorrow is my birthday. Anyone for birthday cake and ice cream? I have lived long enough to know that one thing we can count on is change. Good or bad- change is inevitable.

The world today is different from what I experienced as I was growing up in south Alabama and when my wife and I began our marriage and family. The way we live is not necessarily better or worse but it is definitely different.

Change is not negotiable. Change happens. We can accept or reject it but change is just as certain as death and taxes. How we respond to change makes a world of difference.

I know of a married couple who have both been engaged in professional careers for several years. They have two elementary school aged children. Like many folks they have worked long and hard to succeed in their chosen vocations and as good parents. These two objectives have often been in conflict. Two many hours at work and too little time together as a family.

After much consideration these two people/parents decided to make some significant changes. One spouse left their employment and the other negotiated an altered work arrangement with their employer. They moved from the city where they have lived for thirteen years- the only place the children know as home. They have embarked on an adventure that they hope will provide them more time as a family and the opportunity for the children to experience life on a very different level.

This adventurous family will secure housing in multiple cities for long enough to interact with the residents of those communities, each with a different language and culture. The parents and children will each reflect on their experiences and keep written and photo journals. The plan is to use technology and travel as teachers and the world as their classroom.

It is a risky venture but they are counting on it to be rewarding in ways that cannot be understood fully at this point. There will probably be many surprises, both pleasant and undesirable, along the way. I suspect that they will learn more than they imagine and their family ties will be greatly strengthened. I am a bit anxious and very excited for them but I believe this will be a wonderfully positive life changing experience for them individually and collectively.

I am extremely interested in following this family over the next several months. If you want to learn more about their journey, check it out at

Oh, did I mention that this family is my son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren? But I still think you might find their venture to be interesting and educational.

Jamie Jenkins