I’m a preacher. Well, at least I preach. I know all that glitters ain’t gold. And I know that all who stand in the pulpit are not preachers. Some are more gifted than others. Nevertheless, for most of my life I have tried to faithfully proclaim the Good News of the Gospel with varying degrees of success.

I make no claim that my sermons have been homiletical masterpieces. But when I have been privileged to preach, I have tried to bring:

Hope to those who feel hopeless
Peace to those who are troubled
Clarity to those who are confused
Guidance to those who are wandering
Encouragement to those who are discouraged
Light to those who are in darkness
Healing to those who are hurting
Assurance to those who are uncertain
Stability to those who are wavering
Forgiveness to those who are burdened with guilt
Grace to those who are bound by law
Joy to those who are disheartened
Confidence to those who are down on themselves
Answers to those who are puzzled
Salvation to those who are lost

Sometimes I have achieved the goal. Sometimes I have missed the mark. I accept responsibility for the times when my words have fallen flat. I know that I am fallible. My skills are limited. When folks have been helped by my words I know that it is not because of my gifts and abilities. It is because of God’s Spirit that has caused my words to connect with people’s needs.

As I prepare to preach my prayer is always, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight O Lord, my rock and my redeemer” (Psalm 19:14). We would be well served if we approached every conversation and communication with that attitude.

Jamie Jenkins