Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I will miss the turkey and dressing. There will be no cranberry sauce or sweet potato soufflé. No pumpkin pie. This will be a different kind of Thanksgiving celebration. My usual feast will be replaced this year with Mexican delicacies.

Why Mexican? Because I am in Mexico. Why am I in Mexico? Because this is where my daughter is getting married.

Our family from Georgia and Japan will join Jennifer and her fiancé David, their friends, and David’s family from California in a special meal. I don’t know what I will eat today but I am sure it will be good. It will be good because we are all together for a very sacred and special occasion.

Tomorrow we will gather to share in the wedding ceremony when our beautiful brown eyed girl and a fine young man from Fresno vow their lives together “as long as (they) both shall live.” There will be no pipe organ. No processional down the long church aisle. It will be a non-traditional ceremony in a beautiful setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We will witness the exchange of vows and hear the promises they will make to each other. We will celebrate love shared and commitments made and joy beyond measure. We will give thanks that God has brought Jennifer and David together and that God will always be present as they lives their lives together.

We will rejoice as these two special people begin a new journey together. Their commitment to one another has been demonstrated over the past eight and a half years of their relationship. They will affirm their intention to hold each other “for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health” and remain constant in mutual support for the rest of their lives. We family and friends will pledge to support them in the years to come. We will pray for them and ask God to bless their marriage.

This Thanksgiving holiday will be extra special for me. I hope yours is too.

Jamie Jenkins