October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Perhaps you noticed professional athletes wearing pink shoes or other folks wearing pink pins, ties or ribbons? This is to encourage us to join in the fight against breast cancer.

Unfortunately, most of us know at least one person who has had or now has breast cancer. My family has experienced this disease up close and personal. We lost two sisters, Gail and Maxine, several years ago. My oldest sister, Marie, was diagnosed this past year.

Breast cancer is a horrible disease. It strikes fear into anyone when told they have this disease. With my family history it would be easy and perhaps natural to live in fear that breast cancer is inevitable in my future. Living in fear is not how I want to live. The truth is I don’t know what the future holds. None of us really know what tomorrow will bring. We can only prepare as best we can and have faith that God will be with us whatever comes our way.

In recent months two friends, wonderful women, have been involved in terrible automobile accidents. They both experienced horrible trauma from significant injuries. One is slowly recovering from a broken neck and multiple broken bones. The other precious, saintly woman is in the care of hospice.

Both of these women were going about their daily routines when tragedy struck. When they left home they had no idea a life changing accident was in their future. They were just out to run errands, visit a friend, do a good deed.

Last week I left my house with a long list of errands to run. They were joyful errands. Things I needed to do in preparation for a trip to Mexico for our daughter Jennifer’s wedding next month. As I pulled out of our neighborhood I thought of my friends who had been in the car accidents. I prayed for Vicky and Barbara and thanked God for their influence in my life. I also prayed not to forget how precious, fragile and fleeting life can be. I asked God to help me not live in fear but to live life to the fullest so however long my life may be I can know I have truly lived.

There is an old gospel song that says it best.” Many things about tomorrow I don’t seem to understand but I know Who holds tomorrow and I know Who holds my hand.” My prayer for you is that you know Him too.

Lena Jenkins